Happily Different

What does it mean

Our accounts receivable finance program or factoring, is a way for you to speed the process between when you invoice and when you get paid.  You sell your outstanding receivables to us to create vital cash flow. It creates a line of credit that allows you to have access to cash when your business needs it most.  Call us crazy, but we think this process should be simple and easy to understand.  That's how we are Happily Different.



  • Up to 90% advance against your receivables.

  • Credit lines of up to $5mm.

  • Easy 90 day cancellation.

  • Enhanced collection efforts by providing up to date information regarding the credit of your customers.


  • Factoring Discount Fee - This is the fee we earn for providing your business with the cash it needs to thrive. This fee is typically 1-3% for 30 days, all in.

  • Due Diligence Deposit - This covers our cost for the searches, filings and document creation.

  • Wire or ACH Fee - This is the cost to send you the money. They are $25 and $15 respectively.



  • Factoring Discount Fee - This is the fee they charge to purchase your invoice.

  • Interest Charge On The Money - Sometimes they charge you on the money they advance you. We choose to only charge you the Factoring Discount Fee.

  • Same Day Funding Fee - What does this even mean, why would they charge to fund you same day?

  • Monthly Service Fee - We like to call this one the "make believe" fee.

  • Document Fee - We are paperless, but even if we weren't, this doesn't seem like something we should charge you for.

  • Credit Check Fee - This is to underwrite your customers. This is included in our Factoring Discount Fee.