Five Tips To Healthy Travel From Trunk Club CEO

We love everything about Trunk Club here at 12five. From their business model, to their story, to their disruptive nature, everything they do is inspiring for growing businesses everywhere.  Not to mention, our CEO has spent inordinate amounts of time imbibing their whiskey's while shopping for clothes.(This isn't their main business model, but if you are in a city with a location, you can visit their offices to do this!)

Anyhow, they just released a blog post from their CEO on his tips for healthy travel, since he is traveling all the time visiting their locations across the USA.

Main tips are as follows, but be sure to check out the whole post here.

  1. Don't book flights until 10am.  You'll be way more energized later in the day, than if you got up at 4am for a flight.
  2. Don't eat a sandwich at the airport, opt for the chinese buffet.  Seriously...
  3. Always travel with healthy snacks.
  4. Walk to your meetings whenever you can.
  5. Enjoy delicious food and drinks at dinner.

What are some of your favorite, healthy travel tips?


Ryan Jaskiewicz1 Comment