12five Volunteer Day! Feed My Starving Children

Yesterday, we had the awesome chance to give back as a team.  Through the charity Feed My Starving Children, our team was able to pack food for starving kids in Haiti and in Nicaragua.  Founded in 1987, this non-profit provides nutritionally complete meals for starving and malnourished people throughout the globe.  For more than 10 years, FMSC has donated over 92% of all donations directly to feeding kids.  Last year alone, 229 million meals were produced through Feed My Starving Children.  You read that right...

Everyday, 6,200 children die of starvation, which is one of the saddest statistics I've ever read.  This made choosing this group a no brainer for us when we decided to give back as a team.

You see, as a team, we recognize the incredibly abundant lives we lead.  While we all have challenges, no one on our team has every had to worry about where their next meal was coming from.  In the spirit of gratitude, we wanted to do something that gave of our time and brought us together as a team to be grateful for the lives we get to lead.

Over the course of 2 hours yesterday, we packed 15 boxes of meals, just ourselves.  We also donated $500 as a team to the organization to buy more food. Here is how all of that translates to what we did as a team.




The Stats:

  • 15 Boxes Packed AS a Team

  • 540 Bags of Food

  • 5,512 actual meals

We were at a mobile packing event with other companies and groups.  As a total group, our session packed:

  • 485 Boxes

  • 17,460 Bags of Food

  • 104,760 actual meals



Huge thanks to our client, iCandee Marketing for creating such great shirts for our team! Check them out here.

Big thanks to the 12five team and Justine, Linnea, Ken and Christine for coming out to be a part of the team and give back.

We couldn't have had a better time packing as a team and are grateful to FMSC for hosting such a great at Union Station.

For more info on Feed My Starving Children, click here.  You can also donate yourself by clicking here.

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