Highlighting Our Core Values Optimism Above All Else

Optimism Above All Else...

Here at 12five, we lean heavily on our core values to guide us through our decisions and the way we treat our people.

One of our 4 core values is Optimism Above All Else.  For us, this means to look at things with a positive eye and an open mind, trying to see the good in things first.  It's hard enough to work in a growing company, why do it in a negative environment.  Everything we do is with an effort to foster an environment of optimism, even in the toughest of situations.  It's good to remember that above every cloud, there are still blue skies.

This is allows us to look at each situation uniquely and not assuming the worst in both situations and people.  It allows us to look toward the horizon knowing that everything we encounter offers us the chance to be optimistic.  In the end, we just think its an easier way to do business.

I love this video with Jason Silva on optimism as a feedback loop.  Hope you enjoy it.

Over the next few days, we will be highlighting our other core values.  We'd love to hear if your company has core values and what they are!

Be Optimistic,


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