It's That Time Of Year... 25 Random Acts Of Kindness

If you've followed our blog, you've seen that we have done this experiment in the past.  As a team, we choose a certain period  of time where we all do at least one random act of kindness a day. Internally, we discuss them, which gives us a chance to tell our funny stories and the sometimes nervousness about what we perform.

Outside of our team, we just feel that the more good we put out into the world, the better off our community is as a whole.  By our math, we are doing one random act of kindness each day for 25 days.  We have 8 people on our team, so that means over the next 25 days we will have done 200 random acts of kindness! I love that kind of incrementalism.  We also think that there can be a "butterfly effect" to our acts that can ripple to all of those around us, so who knows what that number could grow to!


Of course, we should try to do this year round.  We just find that it is a fun way for us as a team to interact and remind ourselves the gratitude we should feel for everything we have and everyone around us.

We'll report back here with our funniest interactions and favorite acts of kindness.  Until then...

Ryan JaskiewiczComment