Do It Now

Nike has a good thing going with its, ‘Just Do It’ slogan, but I prefer the more action orientated ‘Do It Now’ that I learned from Joe Gitts, CEO and co-founder of Social Market Analytics, a company focused on using information garnered from social networks to make business and investment decisions.

Joe is a serial-entrepreneur who started his first company in 1996, eventually selling it to Thomson Reuters some 10 years later. Joe stuck around at Reuters for around 5 years before leaving to start Social Market Analytics in 2006.

I have my own ambitions to start a company someday, venturing into the unknown is an exciting proposal, but it’s easy to come up with reasons why now isn’t the right time. One thing I took away from my chat with Joe was the importance of getting started as soon as possible.

If I didn’t take the initial risk early in my life when I was in my twenties and had little to lose, I would have had no chance of starting a business when I’m a husband and father.’ - Joe Gitts

Taking the first step early and learning as you go is one constant I’ve heard from the three entrepreneurs that are in my life today, and while they have all gone about things differently, being bold is one of the things that brings them together

I know I was generally on the more cautious, risk-averse side of things before I started down my path with 12five Capital, but luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with people who push me outside of my comfort zone in the best way possible.

My girlfriend pushes me to take unplanned trips, be more spontaneous and make more decisions on feel rather than logic. Ryan, CEO of 12five, pushes me to try new things, set aggressive personal goals and generally be more action orientated. Joe Gitts, while a new acquaintance to me, is a constant reminder to get going. Hearing a guy discuss quantitative analytics in one breath then switching to discuss the maze of logistics that comes with having four kids under the age of 18 in the next is inspiring.

I try to take a little bit from each person I meet or learn about to try to cobble together the best of all my experiences. On that note, I’ve combined the efforts of Phil Knight and Joe Gitts to form the perfect slogan for those wishing to set out on their own, “Just do it now!’


Russell MalcolmComment