25 Days Of Kindness Complete

Hello again!

What a holiday season for 12five this year.  We worked hard and built momentum to start the year. We had some great fun celebrating the holidays with our holiday party and with our 25 Random Acts Of Kindness challenge here at 12five.  If you want to read about the initial challenge, click here to see how we started.

We wanted to share with everyone some of our favorite acts and the results, so here are just a few from everyone.

Alison: "I paid for someone's parking spot at the Metra station so that they didn't get a ticket."

Ryan: "With all the snow, I plowed everyone's driveway in my neighborhood and cleared the snow off cars near mine at the train station."

Jay: "I brought an extra jacket that I had laying around at the house and a beanie and some gloves to give to the homeless man in the wheelchair (John) near Union Station entrance that I see every day."

Bob: "I gave a 91 year old World War II veteran, whose birthday is 12/5, a gift card from Starbucks."

Russell: "I left some carrots out for a bunny that lives underneath my balcony."

Liz: "I took my niece out to dinner to catch up with her - it can mean a lot to an 11 year old!"

Max: "At the convenience store, I gave the person in front of me the necessary change he was short to pay for his groceries."

Cathy: "A lady in line at the store was complaining how slow it was because of a new person training. I commented about how fast they worked as a team and that it must be hard to start a job in the middle of the holidays. The new person training heard what I said and smiled." 

We love doing this as a team and looking forward to the challenge again next year.   Large or small, these small acts can mean the world to people. We think that random acts of kindness shouldn't end with the holiday season.  While the challenge for us is over, we hope that everyone takes this positivity into the new year and shows that we are a kind and giving community!

- Ryan

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