12five's Favorite Things!

Here at 12five Capital, we love helping our clients finance their passions. But what about outside of work? Below are just some of our favorite things we couldn’t live without! Check them out and maybe they will become your favorite things too! Enjoy!


Podcast: The Tim Ferris Show  "While he's not for everybody, I love the way he is trying to maximize his life. He's also deep into the Stoic philosophy, which I also enjoy very much."

App: Headspace  "Meditation is such a crucial part of my life and day. I couldn't do it without the headspace guidance." 

Exercise: "Duh, running. Although I long to be a yogi in my old age when I'm slow!"

Hobby: "Baking bread! I love it. Such a long process, but fun to create beauty out of 3 ingredients."

What I'm Watching: Peaky Blinders  "It's a show on Netflix about an Irish family trying to make it as gangsters in Birmingham, England. Set in the late 1800's, I love the accents and clothing!"

For the Taste Buds: "Kefir Smoothie. I take frozen mango, frozen pineapple, a banana, about a cup of Kefir, about a half cup of coconut milk, couple handfuls of spinach or kale, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Blend that all up for a tasty breakfast."


What I'm Watching: "One of my favorite shows to watch right now is The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel. The show follows the treasure hunting journey of brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, on an island in Nova Scotia, Canada. Even though they haven't made any huge discoveries (they have made some smaller ones), the history and legends about this island just fascinate me! Every episode I'm on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what they may find!"

Exercise: "The best workout routine I have ever completed is PiYo with Chalene Johnson by Beachbody. This workout combines pilates and yoga. Since it's the new year, it is the perfect time for me to start up this workout routine again!"

For The Kids: "For all of you out there with babies, my 4-month old son is obsessed with Little Tikes Baby Tummy Tunes Giraffe Piano! He seriously can not get enough of it. I love it because it helps make his tummy time sessions last longer, improving his neck strength."

Time-Saving Heaven: "As a busy working mom, I've learned that I need to outsource my life! Seriously, anything that takes time away from my family, I'm trying to find a smarter, faster, easier way to get it done. Right now, I am in love with Peapod grocery delivery service! I just place my order online, and Peapod delivers my groceries to my house, many times the very next day. No more time wasted with trips to the grocery store!"


Podcast: Short Story Long by Chris "Drama" Pfaff. "I am new to listening to podcasts and am really enjoying Chris Pfaff's podcast Short Story Long where he interviews entrepreneurs and other successful people as if he is talking to a friend over a cup of coffee or beer. You get a much different view of the person this way and some great insight on how they became successful. Favorite episode so far is #30 - Omar Benson Miller: Actor"

Social Media: Instagram "I enjoy Instagram the most because it's mostly nice pictures of friends, food, cars, travel, etc. and not nearly as many negative post compared to other outlets. Other than my friends, I like to follow @doyoutravel (travel pics), @chicagofoodauthority (new food spots in Chicago), @kblock43 (Ken Block - professional rally driver and always doing something awesome)."

What I'm Watching: Ballers "A friend recommended the show Ballers starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He plays a financial manager for current football players based in Miami. As you can tell from the name, it's all the things you would expect, flashy cars, crazy parties, and all the challenges the wealthy athletes run into. I binge watched the first season and some of the second during my holiday break."

Exercise: FitnessBlender.com "I stumbled upon this site while working from home during the holidays. It's cold here so I generally work out indoors. I was getting bored on the treadmill so I searched online for a 45 min HIIT workout and found this. They have over 500 free workouts videos and I really liked the video format."


Health and Home: "Used every day this week is my new Nutri Ninja Pro Blender. My current favorite breakfast: Blend one ripe banana, one cup almond milk, one scoop vanilla chai protein powder and a few cubes of ice."

Organization: "I am working my way through the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. She prioritizes only keeping things in your life and home that spark joy, which is a great way to view the material items in your life - and get rid of the ones that shouldn't be there."

Instagram: "Far and away my favorite follow is Brandon Stanton behind Humans of New York. He offers short snippets and photographs of everyday people but is amazing at capturing humanity in all its forms."

For The Ladies: "As a busy mom, getting a manicure is not a bi weekly occurrence for me. I recently tried Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish, available at your humble drug store and it's a game changer. Nails done at home that don't chip for five or more days!"

Family Fun: "If you want a game that is guaranteed to bring you to tears from laughing, grab the game Speak Out. Or, for a shortcut, order the mouthpieces off Amazon and download the app. Either way, watching someone try to sound out phrases for you to guess will add some fun to your day."


What I'm Watching: Game of Thrones. "I love the numerous subplots but in the end, it all has to do with power. Who has it and who does not. You will find a variety of leadership styles, and strategy all being played out on each show. No one person is sacred. Killing off a main character is expected, and then you get to watch who rises to the next level of leadership. Some other great shows I love are Shameless and Madam Secretary. It’s all about the struggles and survival of a dysfunctional family having to raise themselves without any good adult role models in their life."

Vacation Spots: "St. Martin & Florida. I love to travel and just get away once in awhile. I love the sun, the poolside, reading a good book and relaxing."

Hobby: "Golf! It allows me to interact with other business owners, potential referral sources and have a good time while doing it. I only play with people that enjoy the game of golf and not the ones that take it seriously."


Broadway: "I really enjoy seeing musicals. Recently I went to the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago to see the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and was blown away by their set and casting. Got chills multiple times throughout the performance. Must go and see this performance!"

For the Taste Buds: "There is nothing that compares to the Sea Food Pizza from The Silo in Lake Bluff IL. I have been coming here with my family since before I was born. The ranch here is also homemade and fantastic. If you have some extra time, it is worth the drive to have a nice sit down dinner."

Winter Drink: "My favorite drink in the winter is the Vanilla Chai Latte from Starbucks. It is like Christmas in a cup and I get to enjoy it all season long."

Health and Home: - Perky Garden Arhaus Chair. "Each night I relax in my chair. It is the perfect firmness, height, and comfort. I have a few other couches from them, their product is phenomenal!"

What I'm Watching: "My husband and I always have a fun time watching the Bachelor. We love the drama and trying to predict from the beginning who will be left standing at the end of the show."


For the Taste Buds: "Green Street Smoked Meats stands on it's own as one of the top choices for BBQ in Chicago. From their Sliced Brisket to their Pork ribs and smoked salmon, you can not go wrong with any order. Equally as impressive are the sides offered like their Baked beans and freshly made coleslaw that give you an unique experience of southern comfort food. The layout of the restaurant with its' dim lighting and wooden dining benches make for a great night out with friends."

Music Album:  4 Your Eyez Only - J Cole. "Currently working my way through J. Coles' 4th album and have yet to find a song I do not like. What seems to be a normality now, J. Cole's 4th studio album does not rely on any special features from other artists. Top tracks in the album like "Neighbors" and "4 Your Eyez Only" reflect today's social climate which many can relate to."

Accessory: Herschel Settlement Backpack. "Constantly carrying a Macbook for work requires a backpack that fits my needs for function & style. Enter The Herschel Settlement Backpack which combines a unique combination for modern use and style. With an internal media pocket made to store tablets and laptops securely and a vintage look, the Herschel Settlement Backpack features a sturdy padding to ease the strain on your back in case you need to carry many things for a project or a small road trip."

For the Guys: Pacino's Hair Grooming Creme. "It’s a great alternative to gel or hair paste that only dry and damages your hair. Pacino's Hair Creme offers a medium hold and simply washes right off with only water. It is perfect if you’re looking for quick results in grooming your hair for a special or casual occasion."


Exercise: Muay Thai. "Similar to kickboxing, I like that it strengthens all parts of the body, muscles, ligaments, joints, improves flexibility and makes me feel bad-ass. It also has been great meeting people I would not have otherwise."

Health and Home: My Juicer. "Masticating machination is far superior than centrifugal when it comes to juicers. I use mine all the time for blending veggies and fruit. The juice is very energizing and just tasting it makes me feel healthier."

Music: Jazz Music. "I’ve been making a point of always having background music on and it's been really great. It's way better than coming home and just throwing something on the TV. I like jazz because it usually doesn't have lyrics and gets my brain going without being distracting."

What I’m Watching: Planet Earth 2. I’m a huge documentary fan and this may be the best one ever. All about various parts of the world and was shot over the course of something like 8 years, the shots they get on this show blow me away.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing about our favorite things.  Let us know if you have any questions about any of them.  Are any of your favorite things on this list?

Until next time,

- Alison Breiner, Client Specialist


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