12five Opens New Office & New Hire!

I couldn't be more excited to announce that we have opened our second office in Denver, CO.  As we have grown, I've been feeling the pull to expand into new territories.  While we have been a "nationwide" company since inception, there is a different feel to having someone local that understands the needs of our clients around them.  Our mission is to Cultivate Passion Through Finance.  There was always a thought that we could do that better by having someone that understands the culture and the passion of an area of our country.  More than ever, I have seen that our country is different, state by state and city by city.  While we all have desires to be happy and take care of our families, we all manifest them in different ways.  Having someone in those areas helps us to better understand those passions.


It's with great pride that I announce that we have hired Jason Bush to open this new office as our Lead Prospect Developer.  People that know me, know that I have an aversion to hiring people from our industry.   Too often, people come with preconceived notions of how something should be done.  This doesn't align with our core value of being Happily Different, which is why I tend to look for people who've never heard the word factoring before.  That said, there have always been 2-3 people in our industry that if given the chance, I wouldn't let slip through my fingers.  Jason is one of those people.  He comes with great experience in every aspect of our business. He has a strong desire to do more than just finance companies, but rather provide a vehicle for people's passions to grow.

There are very few people that align culturally with us the way that Jason does.  The fit is incredibly sound and that harmony is what is most important to us and our team. We live and die by our Core Values here, so it's critical that all of our team members live those values or else we don't thrive.

We are happy to welcome Jason and his family to our 12five family.  Give Jason a call and congratulate him.  Welcome to the team!

- Ryan Jaskiewicz

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