Core Values in Action

During the holiday season, many of us reflect on the year, our lives and our relationships with others.  Often this leads to some time spent pondering how we can live our best life in the coming year.  At 12five our core values guide our interactions with prospects, clients and team members throughout the year, but for December, we completed a little challenge to draw them into focus even more.  Each week we focused on one of our four core values and shared stories on how it showed up in our every day life.  Below are just a few of our many, many examples. 

Week 1: Simple Is Beautiful

Max shared that he modified his workout routine to one that is simple, but still challenging.  This allowed him to stick with it more consistently, instead of taking days off to recuperate after workouts that were too strenuous.

Russell has started using simple lists to organize his day.  Even though there is lots to do, by focusing on just one day of time it seems simple. Writing everything down helps keep goals top of mind as well.

Jay is thankful for the simplicity of our operations at 12five. Since all of our important information is accessible anywhere you can find wi-fi, it makes servicing a client simple and easy.

Jason avoided some holiday frustration by successfully securing his fresh Christmas tree to the top of his car using bungee cords instead of ropes that had a tendency to unravel and untie. One simple change took a lot of stress out of this trip.

Week 2: Compassionate Realism

Bob was working with a non-profit group looking to increase their presence in the community.  The group needed to be realistic about the struggles they faced as they planned their best next steps, but Bob helped them through that with a compassionate attitude. 

Ryan has conversations with employees, clients and colleagues every day, and not every conversation is easy.  He always tries to put himself in someone else's shoes, and that empathy is the key to this core value. 

Cathy exercised compassionate realism in planning holiday events for the season.  There are a lot of possible events to go to and people to see, and it can be stressful to coordinate all those with different family members wants and desires.  By listening compassionately and being realistic about what was possible, Cathy and her family struck a nice compromise this season.

Week 3: Happily Different

Alison sees this core value every day as we work with new prospects and existing clients on creative ways to tackle their issues.  Not every business is the same and solutions can come in all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on breaking the mold in this way.

Liz is grateful for how 12five has embraced happily different work arrangements.  She's not close to the office but through technology can be integrated into daily work.  The team can run smoothly no matter where our employees are!

Cathy found a new hobby in knitting this year and it has brought her confidence, friendships and a new skill. While it may not be a hobby for everyone, she is happy being different.  

Week 4: Optimism Above All Else

Max and his family experienced a loss this holiday season, and although it has been difficult, the silver lining has been that it has brought his family closer together.  Even negative events can lead to optimism. 

Alison and Ryan both shared stories about work situations that may have seemed negative at first glance, but through creativity and a commitment to believing the best, these situations will likely work themselves out without any additional stress, for the clients or for the company. 

Jason shared how he learned a wonderful lesson in optimism from his almost six year old son, who has down syndrome.  Despite his initial fears upon diagnosis, his son has taught him to look for the best in every situation and not let doubts get in your way. 

These values show up every day in our lives, and surely your life as well. You don't have to find big examples to appreciate simplicity, embrace your differences and become more compassionate and optimistic.  We will continue to search for more examples in our own lives, and encourage you to do so as well.


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