Ask the Team: Technology Hacks We Love

We often post about our love of technology here at 12five and work hard to incorporate it into our business model.  Technology can help speed up processes, promote organization, and connect people.  It can simplify complex processes and help us stay on track.  In addition to the numerous business uses, we have a lot of our personal lives tied in with different applications as well.  Here is a sampling of favorites, from our team. 

From Liz: On Organization

Google Calendar helps keep my husband and I, and our three kids at the right places at the right times.  We can access the calendar from anywhere and add, delete or change appointments, sports practices and work obligations quickly. If we didn't use an online calendar I am positive we would miss things we'd really like to be at.  No more dragging around a planner!


From Cathy: On Communication

Years ago international calling was expensive and difficult. There are a multitude of apps, like WhatsApp, that now allow my husband and me to text and talk to our international family. The simplicity of these apps keep us connected sharing photos and having video chats. Family is most important, it helps so they do not feel so far away. 

From Alison: On Capturing Memories

I take a crazy amount of photos, especially of my baby boy! I use Shutterfly as free storage for all my photos as a backup, and LOVE to scrapbook. It makes the whole process easy and allows me to quickly access all of the memories we are making.


From Bob: On Entertainment

Word With Friends, Wood Puzzle, and Golf Clash are my can't live without.  With technology it is so easy to access interactive games, especially those that connect you with others.  It adds a little fun and relaxation to the day,


From Ryan: On Wellness

Including meditation in my day has been my routine for a few years now and I have seen so many benefits from it.  Headspace helps by tracking my meditations and guiding me through them, encouraging me to keep up the habit.  Now I can start my day with a clear head and a mindful attitude.  

From Max: On Finance

Mint is a personal finance app that allows you to manage your finances in a simple form. I link all my credit cards, bank accounts, and payments. There is a feature to pay bills directly from one place.  Mint is also extremely useful to set up financial goals or follow a budget with its interactive platform that gives you a glance of your finances all in one place.

From Jay: On Navigation

I use Waze instead of other options for navigation. It is basically a social network for navigation, where users supply traffic, construction site and accident information. I always follow Waze even if I know where I am going because it is always right about traffic and alternate routes.

From Jason: On Daily Life

With the Weather Channel app, I can quickly get weather information for anywhere in the country. Plus the short videos are updated frequently and are great. Since it is something that affects everyone, weather is a great initial talking point when on the phone with clients, referral sources and prospects.

So, there you have it - apps and technology that keep the 12five team informed and ready to take on the week.  We know that these aren't just our favorites, but likely yours too.  Take a minute to appreciate how much technology has bettered our lives. Have a great and productive week!

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