Factors Supporting Families: What You Can Do To Help

Community is important to us here at 12five and as we witness the continuing devastation caused by hurricane Harvey, we all ask, how can I help? In an effort to focus our help, we have committed to donate to those in our greater Factoring industry who jobs, offices and families have been affected by the hurricane. 

Please visit and consider donating to our GoFundMe page:


The proceeds of all fundraising will be used to directly help employees of our fellow factoring companies who are impacted by the hurricane.  In the event we have additional funds, they will be donated to the American Red Cross. 

Although the clean up along the coast is a monumental task, every small donation can help. Thank you for helping us create a strong community!

- 12five Capital, LLC


**UPDATE: September 14, 2017: We want to thank all of our donors for their generous support of those affected by hurricane Harvey in Houston!

Hurricane recovery is both time and money consuming. At 12five we are always committed to sending positive thoughts but wanted to do more. With the help of our factoring community we have raised thousands of dollars toward clean up and recovery.  We are happy to report that we have forwarded on the funds to several factoring companies in Texas to be distributed to affected employees and their families.  We hope these funds can be used to make progress toward clean up and rebuilding goals.  Again, thank you for your support - we are directly benefiting others in our small community of factors.  We wish everyone well in getting back to normal as soon as possible. Cheers!

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