Books That Inspire: Girl, Wash Your Face

Good afternoon! On the eve of Thanksgiving where we all spend a day focused on gratitude for all we have (and all the calories we can consume), I am sharing with you some key takeaways from a book I am grateful to have found on my own personal growth journey. Americans are focused on self-improvement, with the industry bringing in over $9B a year. And the book Girl, Wash Your Face is best-seller in this market for 2018. While primarily marketed to women, the overall theme of empowerment, accountability and self-love is a message that can be received by anyone. Here are a few great excerpts from this book:


First off, a main theme throughout the book is that you are the only one who can control your happiness. Your goals and your dreams are yours to own and no one will be more committed to them than you will be. You cannot be disappointed when others don’t make things happen for you - you must make things happen for yourself. Because of this you need to relentlessly pursue your passions and goals so you can live the life you dream of. But, she is careful to note, just hoping that the life you want happens on it’s own is not enough because hope is a terrible strategy. She stresses the importance of a plan. Being specific about exactly what you will accomplish, and how, and when. It’s hard to make this type of plan, and especially hard to feel confident that you can execute it. Which leads to her next piece of advice…


Accountability is important. If you told someone you would meet them at the gym tomorrow at 7am, would you be there? What if you told yourself that you were going to work out tomorrow at 7am. Is it more or less likely that you would be there? Unfortunately, we often feel terrible about letting others down, but justify it to ourselves every day. The author gives several examples of how simply showing up for herself in the same way she showed up for others gave her so much traction toward her goals. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver, but make a commitment to following through on the things you know will move you in the right direction. In addition, learn to differentiate between the things other people want for you, and the things you truly want for yourself. Which leads to our last notable tidbit…


When we continually look to others for what we should be doing, how we should be acting, and how we should use our precious time and energy we are giving them the power to choose the direction for our lives. Instead, the author begs, focus instead on being just a little bit better, in some way, than you were the day before. This makes change and growth so much less daunting. It isn’t about being like someone else. Looking outward for approval will just make you disappointed in yourself. It’s about moving toward the life that you have dreamt for yourself and being a better version of yourself in the future. She makes several great points about the small actions we take every day to better ourselves. These seemingly insignificant changes become habits and eventually that journey shapes our lives and who we become.

As people look into 2019 with fresh eyes, the book Girl, Wash Your Face is a great motivator to love yourself and pursue the things that you want out of life. These were just a few ideas that came out of this book that were impactful for me, but check it out yourself if you’d love to read more!

- Liz

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