Spring: Time to Get Motivated

January comes and the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over.  You feel refreshed and ready to set goals for the new year and the new you.  These good intentions serve you well those first weeks: head down, focused on what's ahead.  But as the cold, dark days drag on your motivation begins to fade.  This winter has seemed to last forever, as many of them do, but in Chicago last week we saw our first day over 70 and the light at the end of the tunnel could finally be seen.  

Spring is a rebirth for nature around us, and it should serve as a reboot to us professionally as well.  Dust off those goals you wrote down months ago and track your progress.  Have you even started?  If not, don't fret - you still have more than 8 months until 2018 waves goodbye.  

We often procrastinate the goals that seem the furthest away, the most impossible or the most difficult to break down into pieces.  But the important thing to remember is to just start by doing something.  Do anything, even if it seems small, to start mentally moving toward your goal. 

Here are a few tips to start small: 

  • Write down EXACTLY what you would like to accomplish.  Visualization can work wonders and writing specific, attainable goals can clarify your priorities in your mind.

  • Set a DEADLINE.  Sure, you can get around to it eventually, but that probably won't be until next year.  Get out a calendar and set a date to get started in some way.  Preferably a time you can devote to the goal in the next 48 hours. 

  • TELL SOMEONE about your goal.  Accountability is a huge factor and if someone knows you have a goal, you are much more likely to work towards it, versus disappoint them (and yourself)!

Good luck crushing goals out there in Q2 and beyond!

Liz WhittenComment