Welcome Sarah To The 12five Family!

We are super excited to welcome a new team member to the 12five family today!


Sarah Cali joined the 12five team this past Monday and we couldn't be more excited to have her.  She will be joining our already killer Client Team to supplement them as we grow.  Sarah has already shown that she is an awesome example of our values and culture.  Can't wait to see how she grows with our team.

Here are some interesting facts about Sarah:

3 Favorite Things:  "Family, Carbs, Sleep."

Favorite TV Shows: "The Office, The Bachelor, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood (hard to choose!)"

Favorite Book: "Again hard to choose! I used to always pick out a best seller at the airport before traveling. Loved that!! Now I chase a toddler while traveling."

Hometown: "Washington, IL (right outside of Peoria)"

Interesting Facts: "I am a notary public and an expert on the rules of beer pong...in which we call "pong" when playing in front of the young ones..."

Welcome To The Team Sarah!

Ryan JaskiewiczComment