TBT: Do Routine Things Well

Today we are revisiting the archives. Ryan wrote a few years ago about small routines he follows that make big changes in his productivity and state of mind. Read on for some great tips!

It's that time of year again, where everyone writes out their New Years resolutions and try's to figure out how to make the next year better than the last. At 12five, we are very big on goal setting and living an intentional life. We want to share our affinity for the little habits we have and how they have changed our lives.  I once heard an Army General say "Do routine things well". I think that quote rings very true. 


I also think that these habits do not have to be major shifts in your life initially.  That said, small habit changes can reap incredible benefits to your life.  One thing I've noticed is that the habits that have changed my life the most tend to be the smallest, as well as the shortest from a time perspective.  Take a look at some of the small habits I have formed over the last couple of years and the time I spend on them:

  • Meditation (20 min) --- This has been the best habit I have begun by far.  It is amazing what the mind can do.

  • Morning Green Smoothie (5 min to make) - Nothing like starting my day with the right energy.

  • Journaling (5 - 20 min) - Setting the intention for my day and visualizing the life I want. Writing is magic.

  • Evening Stretch (20 min) - This keeps me healthy with all the running I do.  Being incremental helps me to recover.

  • Read (10 min) - Purposefully kept this short because it is an easy way for me to be consistent in something I want to do.

These are only a few of my small habits.  Yours don't have to be anything like these.  Maybe you want to learn a new language?  Or maybe you want to learn to draw?  Who knows! The key here is to notice the time spent on each of these.  They are all 20 min or less and less than an hour out of my day.  Most people get hung up on trying to form a new habit in one fell swoop.  This is a recipe for disaster.

If you can be incremental and spend 10 min a day doing the new habit you want to form, you will see both your growth, as well as the habit simply becoming easier day by day, until you can't imagine your life without it.  This is a lot easier than trying to commit an hour, once a week to each of your habits.

Hopefully this helps you with your goals and resolutions for the next year.  

- Ryan

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