Happily Different

At 12five we believe in intentionality and creating a culture we love. We do this in spite of “industry norms” and other outsiders telling us what a finance company should look and feel like. To keep this spirit alive, we consistently revert back to our core values. We’ve discussed them many times on this blog, largely because they are the best way to give readers a peek into who we are. Today’s core value of focus is:


What comes to mind when you think of a finance company? There are some good things: professional, stable, structured, the ability to help. Those are all adjectives we try to embody - we are actively working every day to help small businesses achieve their goals. We are professional and offer financial stability to those with cash flow swings. But sometimes other adjectives come to mind: stuffy, inflexible, slow to change. These are the stereotypes we are fighting in our quest to be Happily Different. We are nimble, creative, open minded and are constantly looking for ways to improve. We hope these things are evident to our clients and prospects. We are constantly searching for ways to help our clients, even if it is in a way that doesn’t fit the traditional mold.

We also look to other companies who embody similar values to get some great ideas. One company we feel embodies Happily Different is Basecamp. Click the link to read more about their company and its history. They have fought against tech company industry stereotypes and have been very successful. They have a great blog and many interesting books for those that are interested.

To learn more about our views on Happily Different and why we feel that it is a core value of ours, please watch the video below!

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