Team Challenge: Volunteer

Quick update from our 12five team here. We thought we’d take some time to share with you some of the things our team members have been up to over these past few months. We’ve mentioned before that we like to take on monthly challenges as a group. These help us stay connected, sometimes push us outside our comfort zone and give us an internal focus each month aside from our day to day work. For September, our challenge was for each team member to give of their time to their community in some way. We already use our money to donate to many worth causes throughout the year, but no amount of money can replace the time and manpower it takes to keep our communities thriving.

While there are so many deserving organizations to get involved with, we wanted to highlight a few of the projects our group took on and the impact they are making in their neighborhoods.

Max worked with The Institute for Latino Progress in Chicago to help translate naturalization applications from English to Spanish, helping immigrants on their path to U.S. Citizenship. He volunteers there often, truly making a difference for his neighbors.

Amy helped out by making masks for a children’s Halloween event at the West Valley Family Support Center in West Valley City, Utah. The children this center supports will love celebrating the upcoming holiday by playing pretend.

Alison took a turn as lunch lady for school district 157C in Frankfort, Illinois serving up hot dogs to a group of third graders for the day. All that was missing was a hair net!

Jay used one morning this month to help the Family Outreach Program food pantry in Crest Hill. It doubled as his workout as well because he spent several hours lifting boxes of food into cars for families that needed it the most.

Sarah will be volunteering in a couple weeks for the Dream Center Peoria, serving lunch to the residents of the in house homeless shelter there. The Dream Center also has a free clothing store, career readiness training and youth programs.

Liz is reprising her role as Junior Achievement teacher for a second grade class in Peoria Heights, Illinois. Teaching financial literacy to children is important so they can grow up with a strong and healthy understanding of money and economics.

Bob held a miniature golf fundraiser for the Bolingbrook school district. They raised over $4,000 for scholarships and educational programs which will no doubt benefit those students greatly.

Ryan spent an afternoon with his daughters cleaning up trash in the Cook County Forest Preserve . Making their backyard a more beautiful place is something the whole family can help with.

Russell volunteered making and serving breakfast for a local church community in Kenosha, WI. You can impact people wherever you may be, even if it isn’t at home!

Lacey put in a day of hard work with Habitat for Humanity building houses in San Marcos, TX. Leaving an office job for manual labor is hard on your back but such a great cause to be sore for.

Jason volunteered for an organization close to his heart by helping to set up and break down the Northern Colorado Down Syndrome Association walk. In honor of his son Jackson and other families.

We are so proud of our employees rising to the challenge once again and finding ways to positively impact their communities. We believe in optimism and compassion and these core values are exemplified through acts of services, big or small. The impact of 12five could literally be felt throughout the country this past month and this is definitely a challenge we will be repeating in the future!

Liz WhittenComment