Optimism Above All Else

Continuing our look into our Core Values, today we are going to focus on Optimism Above All Else. Maintaining an optimistic viewpoint is paramount here at 12five. There are many instances when a client has had a bad day, run into an operating problem, or feels at the end of their rope. We also have a variety of different financing challenges on a daily basis as we meet new companies who are struggling to grow their businesses and find capital. Rather than approach these challenges thinking, “what could go wrong here?” we choose to adopt a “how can we make this successful?” approach.

How can we help this client? How can we grow our business? How can we be successful?

Many companies have touted the benefits of believing the best, and one good example is Best Made Co. As is written on their website here, sometimes life throws us curves that we feel like we can barely survive. But, adopt a positive mindset and you can not only survive, you can thrive!

Optimism is the conscious choice to find the best in people, situations and daily life. The only thing you can control is your attitude, so adopt a positive one!

Take a look below as Ryan describes what this core value means to us and how we use it to direct our business on a day to day basis:

Consider how you can use optimism as a pillar to build your life and your business around. What is the use in being negative? There is only so much you can control, and your attitude is a big part of that. With that, make it a great day!

Liz WhittenComment