Add It Up April

Today we want to highlight some of the fun we have here around 12five when we aren’t finding and funding businesses across the country. Like our clients, we have employees spread throughout the country so one way that we stay connected across the miles is through our monthly challenges. We use these opportunities to try new things, learn more about each other and stay committed to 12five’s values. We also use them as a way to HAVE FUN!

In April, we had a workout challenge where, as a team, we had a goal of moving our bodies for 10,000 minutes in the month of April. This included traditional workouts like: walks with the family and our dogs, treadmill time, bicycling, yoga classes, group fitness classes, video workouts and core work. It also included interesting sources of calorie burning specific to our awesome team members like marathon training, skiing, golf, Muay Thai, aqua jogging (Google a video!), and even mowing the grass (push mower only of course ;).

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.40.48 AM.png

We tracked our progression through our group Slack channel as you see here, complete with encouragement and hilarious GIFs.

The 10,000 minutes worked out to an average of roughly 30 minutes, per team member, per day for the whole month. Even though we are a pretty active group, it can still be hard to get that movement in every day! In the end, after a massive push the last 5 days, we ended the month at 10,120 minutes, reaching and exceeding our goal!

We used the red thermometers to monitor the goal. The pictures above represent April 10, April 22 and April 30th. Our fearless leader and marathon runner Ryan led the pack with a total 2,018 minutes in April, despite being somewhat injured. Amy was in second place with 1,282 minutes and Russell in third with 1,190. All of our team members really put a ton of effort in and earned a new 12five cooler as a surprise!

Take a look below at some of the ways our people got their bodies moving. Exercise has so many physical and mental benefits, our whole team got a dose of health last month. We also have a lot of fast runners around here!!

Consider hosting your own challenge - we had a ball with ours!

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