Podcasts That Inspire: Project Mindset

In this digital age, not all inspiration comes from books. There are many, many great podcasts that introduce us to interesting people and ideas. Jay shares below about his favorite podcasts and may provide some inspiration for you as well.

The first time I heard of Keven Stirdivant (aka Kevion) was on my favorite podcast Short Story Long. Kevion is the President and Founder of KASE Real Estate based out of California. He has an amazing story and has had many ups and downs to get him to where he is at now. He is a real estate agent, life coach, speaker, and father among other things. I really connect with the way he tells his story and how he teaches mindfulness and strategies to becoming the best version of yourself. He has a podcast available called Project Mindset which covers many of his main teachings and topics.


He basis his coaching around a concept he called the "7 Equities":

1 - Mindset

2 - Health

3 - Soul

4 - Family

5 - Social

6 - Hustle (work)

7 - Money

The way I interpret this concept is that these are the 7 categories that lead to a balanced life and they are listed in the order of importance. You have to start within yourself to take care of your mind, body, and soul in order to be the best person you can be for your family, friends and in your work life. The catch though is if you lack in one equity, it will affect all of the others and you won't be balanced in life. Picture sitting on a four legged chair (I know there are 7 equities), you take one leg out and you fall.

I am nowhere near perfect and struggle with balancing these equities, but this concept really stuck with me and is a guide to being the best person I can be for myself, my family, my friends, and my career.

You can follow Kevion on Instagram (@kevion) and see most of his content there. He also has his own podcast called Project Mindset and just did a series of 7 interviews where they break down each of the equities. One of my favorite Short Story Long podcast interviews is with Kevion on episode #50.

I highly recommend following anything that Kevion is doing as I trust you will get some sort of nugget from his content!

— Jay


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