Welcome Lacey & Christian To The 12five Family

We are lucky and grateful here at 12five to have such a close knit team. We all consider each other family and today we announce the additions of two new people in that family.

This week, Lacey Weaver and Christian Harmonson joined our team as Prospect Developers. Earlier this year, we set out to find a great addition to our Prospecting Team. Little did we know, we would find TWO exceptionally talented individuals that will expand our Prospecting Team in their own unique ways. They will be working to find the prospects that are looking for the special type of experience around financing that 12five Capital has to offer. Both are great culture fits for our Happily Different culture and are motivated to help business owners Cultivate Their Passion.

Please help us welcome them both!

Lacey Weaver

3 Favorite Things: Traveling, Working out, Family.

Favorite TV Shows: The Oblongs, Catastrophe, GOT, TransParent.

Favorite Book: “I am more of a podcast/audio book person. My favorite Podcast is Accelerate!”

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Interesting Facts: “I used to BMX race growing up and stopped 10 years ago to do CrossFit. 5 Years ago, I stopped CrossFit to start Bodybuilding, but have yet to do a show.”

Christian Harmonson

3 Favorite Things: Family, Coffee, Philosophy

Favorite TV Shows: “Planet Earth is what I pick when it’s my turn with the remote. Aside from lions and tigers in the wild…I believe The Sopranos is the best show in TV history.”

Favorite Book: The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Interesting Facts: “I really enjoy traveling and hope to explore as much as I can. Anytime I’m by a body of water I’m happy!”

Ryan JaskiewiczComment