Go First

“Go first…”, she said. 

Deep into one of my favorite podcasts, the guest began to talk about how she lives by the mantra of “I’ll go first.'' My goal when listening to a 2 hour podcast is not to memorize it, but rather pull out one or two good nuggets out that I can marinate on and implement.  As I was sitting in my car, this one struck me. GO FIRST.

Another way of saying go first is “be the first”, as in be the first to move, especially when interacting with others. It’s so simple and yet so effective.  The idea of going first creates a chain of positivity that you get to set in motion.  It works incredibly well in relationships too because it builds on the idea of “mutual spoilage”, which is essentially a competition between you and your partner on who can be kinder to one another. I’m not really talking about giant “firsts” here either, rather easy to digest firsts that can compound on themselves.

Rather than waiting on the other person to initiate the conversation, start the project, reach out to communicate, etc… why can’t you be the one go go first?

With that, I thought I’d throw together a list to get you started:

  • Be the first to say hello when passing someone on the street.

  • At the store, tell someone they can “go first” in line.

  • Go first and tell your partner how much you appreciate them.

  • Let someone else go first and hold the door for them.

  • Be the first to throw the load of laundry in.

  • Be the first to jump on a new project at work.

  • Be the first of your friends to quit a bad habit like smoking.

  • Go first and apologize.

  • Be the first to pick up garbage as you pass it in your neighborhood.

  • Be the first in your family to start exercising.

  • Be the first of your circle to book a trip somewhere crazy.

  • Pour everyone else's water first at dinner.

  • Be the first of your friends to quit Facebook. 

  • Let somebody talk first while you listen.

  • Even put your time first and spend the first quiet parts of the morning to yourself.

What other things can we “Go First” on?

- Ryan

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