How it's different.

Funding in 48 hours

We understand that sometimes it's hard to plan for the unexpected. It's difficult to foresee a customer not paying on time.  It can be tough when these delays cause a cash crunch that doesn't allow you to pay your people come payday, pay your vendors in a timely fashion or simply let you grow in the way you want. This plan allows us to provide you what you need, when you need it.  Provided that your business qualifies as described on this page, we can fast track your approval and get you the funding you need in 48 hours.


How we do it.

What we need to Approve

  • Completed Online Application

  • Initial Documents Received

    • Accounts Receivable Aging

    • Accounts Payable Aging

    • Articles of Incorporation or Organization

    • Driver's License

  • Signed 12five Simple Plan Agreements

  • Clear UCC & Tax Lien Searches

  • Verification of Receivables submitted

  • Notice of Assignment sent to customers


Terms Of 12five Simple Plan.

These are the standard Terms for this plan. Due to the nature of the Program, these are not negotiable.

  • Funding Limit: $100,000

  • Advance Rate: 80%

  • Factoring Fee: 1.25% every 10 days. This is calculated against the total value of the invoice.

Once funded, we will continue our traditional underwriting.  When that is completed, our team will come back to you with an adjusted advance rate, funding limit and and factoring fee.  In most cases, the funding limit and advance rate will increase and the factoring fee will come down.